31 January 2011


So I was thinking today, wouldn't it be nice if losing weight ran a special? Like, Payless. BOGO. Buy one get one half off. Or a nice coupon for Buy one get one free. Except this special would be Lose One, Lose One Free.

Understanding that this is not physically possible, I remain like a child, and still hope that one day it could happen. Similarly, but randomly, I still hope one of these Summers, the sun will be powerful enough to meld all of my freckles together and I will be finally, wonderfully, naturally tan.

30 January 2011

I got the urge today to start a new blog. I would assume that is coming from this one being so...stale. I enjoy blogging but need to figure out how to do it from my iPhone. Seems all of the blog-worthy events in my life happen when I'm away from a computer.

However, I'm not going to start a new blog. I like mine. I like the title. I like the description. I like my entries. And as my son screams at me for apple juice, my daughter shoves a paper full of red scribbles in my face, my husband tells me I should do his job application for him, and my son watches Fresh Prince of Bel Air purposely a little too loud on the t.v., I think to myself...my life and my blog belong right here. Starting over would be...(here is where a clever word would fit in nicely) stupid.

More posts...more pics...more insanity, struggles, vents, insights, evaluations, observations, sensations, and inspirations...all right here. In 2011. Promise. (snicker) For real this time. Not that I even have an audience but its nice to pretend and address my thoughts to "you" instead of writing to myself.