03 May 2015

Braver Shake

My Queenie shared her testimony in front of the entire congregation today at church. It was her very first time sharing. The meeting was nearly over, maybe 5 minutes left, and after having doodled and spent that majority of the time in her own world, she stops...looks up at me, and if a very serious look said "Mom, can kids go up there, too?". I said of course they can, and she furiously started writing what she knew to believe in.

After a few more people had taken their turn, I turned to look at my Queenie...she was shaking and tremoring, excitement, fear, and determination shone in her big brown eyes. She curtly tucked her hair behind her ear, stood up, and walked with a long, brave stride up to the pulpit. The Bishop scooted a stool out for her, Queenie stepped up, tucked that hair back again, and nearly blew out her own eardrums as she loudly exclaimed her name. Knowing how far back to stand from a microphone takes practice.

With all of her brave mind and little frame, she read half of what she wrote, decided she was done, quickly closed in Jesus's name, and long-strided straight back to her chair next to me. She sat down, still shaking, and whispered "Well...that was loud!". Oh my Queen...it was loud, and brave...it was a braver shake than you've ever done before.

Bonus....I have her permission to keep her written testimony and a picture she drew of herself sharing it with everyone. By the way, she shared with everyone that she believed and knew that parents and God will always love you, even if you do something "rong". I love that girl.