30 October 2009


This is an amazingly inspiring message from our dear Prophet Thomas S. Monson.(click on the title to this post) I love him. I love his poetic interpretation of life. I love his smile and laugh and jokes. I love his gentle confidence. I know he is a true Prophet of God. Don't you just want to give him a hug? I often think he'd make an excellent Grandpa. I'm sure he does.

15 October 2009

Found out today that Bigunns is lactose intolerant. Ugh...goodbye cow juice...hello Silk. If you don't already know, Silk is soy milk. They have creatively flavored it with vanilla, probably because it would trigger everyone's gag reflex if it was plain. It is a brownish white color, thicker than whole milk, and has a vacant flavor to it...if that makes any sense. For two weeks we have to alternate breastfeeding and alimentum formula to get his digestive system back on track...this means absolutely no dairy for me. Eeek...we'll see how long I last with this!

13 October 2009

What happens when you don't blog every day? You find yourself driving down the interstate to drop off poo collection from your 7 week old baby and random thoughts for blog posts start popping into your head. Then you wish you had a voice recorder...or at least a child old enough to take notes in the car, so you don't forget any of them. Then you get home and realize you have, in fact, forgotten all of them. Just added voice recorder to my list for the store tonight.

Post-partum ickiness forecast: skies are looking mostly sunny today, just a few clouds and a light breeze. Leaves the color of a box of popsicles accent the gold stumps of harvested corn. And this makes for a perfect Autumn day. So...yes, the meds are working! No counseling yet because the meds are working so well I feel like I don't really need to. I will keep it in the mental filing cabinet though.

Kids...Tate is home sick today, but seems to be doing better. He started complaining last night of chest and throat pain and body aches. An early bedtime and a big breakfast of bacon and eggs seem to be helping. No fever, so no flu scares. Mattea is wearing her new pink (her fav color) kitty shirt today and we are on day two of potty training. A few accidents, but not too bad so far. We're trying out Pods, which by the way are a rip-off, and she likes them. I say rip-off because they are basically expensive maxi-pads to insert into a child's "big kid" underpants. However, they do soak up the accidents very well and she still gets to wear Dora. Gunnar is growing faster than I realize most days. He smiles, is starting to giggle, and has some nice little chubby baby rolls on this thighs now.

Mike is switching is major back to Criminal Justice and will be taking classes through Upper Iowa University (and probably some at DMACC) next semester. Iowa State just isn't conducive to his learing style and the computer science major is just not working out. I think he's suited more towards the CJ field anyway.

Iowa is still Iowa and I am still here.