22 February 2011

Sew ____

Sew (lol) I've been browsing sewing blogs. I am amazed at the talent that is out there. I'm trying to harness my own, but looking at these blogs makes me wonder if I'll ever measure up to Molly at Greentreefrogs or Jenna at saltandpepper (those are totally made up...but very typical).

Last night I whipped up a pillow for Queenie. She chose a fabric with cats wearing Christmas stockings. She helped me stuff it and I think we bonded. We are completely different creatures, but I think sewing is one thing we can have in common while she becomes the mother of 7 mom of the year and I remain myself for the rest of our lives.

This morning she asked if I could sew her some monkey bars today. How do I break her little heart?

03 February 2011

I have an urge to go walk on my treadmill until I can't possibly go any more. I wonder how many miles I could go?

I desperately want to go hiking.

De-shedding combs really do work! My hubby combed a whole other dog out of Jack last night! I think he feels better, he's been very obedient today.

I think I have too many pictures of Jesus on the first floor of my house. Seriously, I just looked around and He is staring at me from all directions. Its a good thing, but can you have overkill with pictures of Jesus? Thinking I might need to spread them out around the house.

My son just got a smack on the top of the hand for repeatedly trying to stick his fingers in an outlet and/or unplugging and putting the laptop cord in his mouth. He looks at me, slowly walks away, turns around and smiles at me, then goes to the living room and gives the floor a kiss. Someone please analyze and translate that for me.

02 February 2011


Snow day! In all actuality it is not that bad out where we are. But, our school district jumped on the bandwagon and cancelled school. Seems its what all the cool schools were doing, so...

We are all still in our pajamas. G and M are riding their 4-wheeler and tricycle, respectively, around the house. T is playing Xbox (I'm beginning to think the controller has become an extra appendage).

I'm chatting on the phone, battling my internal urge to get up and clean, workout, fix a few freezer meals, etc. I should be able to just sit STILL on days like this. Just allow myself to stay in pj's all day and be silly with my kids and eat snack food and soda and watch mindless movies. However, this causes a wave of guilt to rush through me and then I end up ruining my childrens' day by making them do chores and trying to emphatically explain that our dwelling is a pit and we can't live like that.

Must...be...lazy...must...fight..."mean mom" syndrome...must...eat...pop tarts...for lunch.