24 December 2008

Our Christmas "Card" to You!!

After trying to email this twice now, I'm posting it to my blog so everyone can view it here. My apologies for clogging your inbox with my ignorant attempts at sending an attachment! Merry Christmas!

15 December 2008

Mojave Miracles

Weird happenings in the Mojave Desert! Last night my daughter finally decided walking was something she'd like to try so here's a little video for some proof (for all you non-believers!)

...And that's not all...there's at least two inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground with no end in sight! Yep...its about 32 degrees outside and everything is blanketed in white. Fort Irwin road is closed (I heard) which is good considering nobody owns a snow plow out here! There's going to be a lot of stranded folks on post tonight! Here's some pics for proof (again...the non-believers...)

10 December 2008

Oh baby.....

And its official....there will be another baby Wright! OK, so I totally didn't even think I was pregnant! I took the test more for fun than anything and on Monday it almost instantly showed two lines. You'd better believe I yanked the box back out of the garbage and made sure two meant positive and not negative! I instantly got this goofy grin on my face and the only thing I could think was that my hubs was going to freak!

I told my hubs that I got him a Christmas present (even though we agreed not to exchange gifts this year) but that I was having it specially made and it would be late. He was all disappointed because he didn't get me anything and I just couldn't stop smiling. I told him "yeah...they said its going to be about 9 months late". He got this confused "duh" look on his face like he was trying to think what kind of gift could possibly take that long to make and then I swear he turned white as a sheet and fell backwards a little and ran around the corner into the laundry room. I was cracking up. Ah...anyway, it was good.

So according to MY calculations, I'm due around August 12th next year. Ugh...August...that is a looooong time away. I certainly hope we are either discharged and moved or reclassed and moved by then. No way do I want to go through a Mojave Summer being huge and prego! I have orientation on Monday at the OB/GYN office and get to do blood tests and other enjoyable activities and then make my first appointment later that week. You know, just the other day my husband and I had decided that we were going to wait to have another child. I had my mind made up that it would be another year or two. Apparently the Lord has other plans for me....like making me be prego before I've lost all my baby weight from Mattea and prego in the desert no less! I love the Lord and His mysterious ways.

Oh...this will be my son's 7th sibling! For those of you that don't know me...no, I do not have 6 other children. Tate's father has four children, we have Mattea and Shane (my hubs adorable son) and now baby Wright. Whew!

04 December 2008

Tate's Birthday

Here are some pictures from Tate's birthday. He turned 11 this year and truly looks ages older than he did last year at this time. I realized in these pictures how many people in my family he actually resembles despite our differences. Admittedly, we spoiled Tater this year, knowing he was moving. He got an iPod shuffle (he's always dragging Mike's iPod around) and an alarm clock that has a docking station with it for the iPod. He also got a guitar. Last night, SSG Palacios came over after work and gave Tater his first guitar lesson. He learned how to hold it, and three chords. He practiced right up until bedtime and came bursting into my bedroom at 9:30 last night saying he'd figured out all three chords. It was so nice to see him happy about accomplishing something.