18 January 2008

So Tate asks me today..."Mom, do you think I get annoying?".

EEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (breaks squealing)...OK, how do I answer this? Do I be honest and say "well yes honey, sometimes you do but that doesn't mean I don't love you and love hearing your stories". Or do I stay safe and say "No honey, why do you say that?".Yes, I chickened out and stayed safe. Even though I think I've blatantly told him before that he was annoying me and probably others around him. He didn't seem to remember that though...thank goodness! I love my son, more than I could ever explain. He does have this way of telling stories that seems like he's pulling on my ears and talking into them and I can't pull away because he has this hold on my ears and it blurs into an echo and ten minutes later I tune back in and catch just enough of the end of the story to make a comment afterwards.

Anybody out there feel me on this one?
So I was talking to my friend today about potty training her little girl who is 2. She's struggling with it and I told her my niece is too and is the same age. I wonder what goes through little kids minds when they think to themselves "hmm...I'm going to strip down naked right here and pee on the floor...looks like a good spot". I would compare it to our new puppy who squats whenever the urge creeps in. I'm so tired of soaking up puppy wee wee and picking up logs of puppy pooh that I'm about ready to go get some of those doggy diapers for doggy senior citizens.

So the other day I was changing Mattea's diaper who, by the way, was fighting a virus and had super nasty runs. I cleaned up her and was just about to put a clean diapy on her when the dog looked suspicious and started to squat on the bedroom floor. I grabbed her and ran outside with her. She wee weed and we came back in. Seriously couldn't have been more than a minute or two at the most. I come back in Mattea's room and she's lying in the changing table surrounded in a liquid aura of diahrrea and wee wee...like she was floating in a lake of sludge... OK I did NOT know what to do...this was sick...it took me over an hour to clean up the mess, bathe Mattea and try not to lose my day's consumptions along the way. I love motherhood!

13 January 2008

Square One...

I am absolutely SICK right now......

I accidentally deleted my blog. I erased months of crap blabbed onto my blog, but it was meaningful crap! I'll never get those back!

I'm back at square one...I guess I'll try to appreciate a fresh start.