29 May 2008


So finally...some milestones for my daughter! At 9 months she finally...

broke skin on two teeth (bottom left and top left) and all the fun teething days and nights to go with it

started crawling! my baby isn't going to tummy scoot the rest of her life!

said "more", "fan", "dada", "ma", "brother"...ok...so we're the only ones that can tell what she says but there's no doubt she's intentionally meaning to say the words...a few are actually clear and audible to anyone

likes to let go of things when she's standing...this lasts only about 3-5 seconds but hey...its progress

I was seriously bordering on the fact that my daughter was going to be a late bloomer on EVERYTHING babies are supposed to do! She was just taking her time I guess!

12 May 2008

We made it to California! That's old news...as is my lacking ability to keep up on my entries. Today is incredibly windy. My garage door shakes violently...which is fine during the day, but at night when my imagination is running wild that sound, combined with the howling of the coyotes, the tapping of our dryer vent and the whistling of the wind through the pathetic little desert trees and bushes in our yard really makes me create scary images of what it looks like outside.

I really do love it here already though. The desert is beautiful (in all of its brown tones). Our house is much nicer than it was at Fort Riley. There is only one little street, a cul-de-sac, of our types of houses. The rep that did the walk-thru said they had to stop building them because they were becoming too expensive. They have custom cabinetry, rounded edging on the walls, vaulted ceilings...just nice touches that make it seem very airy and open and new...even though I belive they were built in 2001. Our street is really quiet. Behind our house is a vacant field that Tate loves to explore. I don't let him go far...I'm still paranoid about the wildlife out here. Especially after the kids only about 100 miles away have been getting attacked by coyotes!

Mattea loves to have the wind in her hair so we go outside a lot on walks and to the park. She could sit in those baby swings all day long. Mike is much happier in what he's doing here than in Kansas. Although he severely sprained his ankle last weekend when the boys decided it was time for a game of b-ball inbetween Saturday classes. Smart boys....b-ball should be banned in the Army. I know of so many soldiers that have been injured playing it!!