20 February 2010

Heaven on Earth

I spent a few hours here today...

The Winter Quarters LDS Temple in Omaha, NE. Gorgeous, peaceful, and the closest I can get to my Father in Heaven while on this earth. We took Tate and did baptisms. He LOVED doing it and asked if we could come back once a month. Yes, son! Its a great goal we will have to work to acheive. To see my 12-year old son embracing his beliefs, the temple, the ordinace performed, the Spirit felt...its indescribable and this has been one of the most fulfilling days of my life. I haven't uploaded the few pics we took afterwards, but will soon. Until then...here are a few more of the temple itself. The history behind Winter Quarters is unbelieveable and I encourage anyone reading this post to explore here.

08 February 2010

My new favorite color

Happy Dance? Why yes...I'd love to! My future is looking quite....YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!! Just got word from the bank and my darling, yellow, front porch rockin', 5 bedroom flaunting, giant pine tree wearing house is OURS!

06 February 2010

Yellllooooo Yellow!

Could this be it? Praying for something hasn't felt this necessary and urgent in a while! Butterflies in my tummy, tingly nerves, restless legs...this is how I know I am 100% in love with this house. Verbal offer was accepted tonight and written offer will be submitted tomorrow morning. What?! Did that really just happen?!