30 July 2009

Dilate? Nah...

So I went to the doc today for my 38 week appt fully expecting to be told I was at least 2 cm dilated, if not more. The way I've been feeling lately (cramping, contractions, sick to my stomach, etc) would surely preface some good progress...in most women.

I start out by telling the doc "If I haven't made any progress, I give up". She gives me a "stop whining" look and checks me. "Well...you're still only about a fingertip". Hmmm...I looked at my fingertip and managed to force a whimpy smile and mumble "Yeah, I figured as much". Doc tells me I need a few more days of "good" crampiness and contractions. OK, I suppose I'll get right on that?

She closed the appointment by rubbing my shoulder and telling me "Look, don't get frustrated. Remember, everyone delivers." Mmmm hmmm.....

27 July 2009

Thoughts about....

Since I have nothing better to do most days than do a lot of thinking, I've noticed a lot of things lately that I feel like I need to make a list out of. Its simply my OCD-ness manifesting itself a little. I've also decided some of these things will make interesting chapter headlines in my future book.

*The best musicians seem to have stopped hitting the charts (for the most part) after 1980.

*The above thought is exempt when talking about foreign musicians, especially South Americans.

*I have a whole sub-list that deals with Iowans. Just a few...and I grew up here.
---short shorts that ride up in the center, and are white, are not meant to be worn. period. don't care what your size is.

---Midwesterners are plain, grumpy, frumpy, overweight, and unmotivated, at least compared to Californians. This is a generalization, and could be limited to the Des Moines area...and fabric stores and such.

---Everyone leaves plenty of time to drive the speed limit...and even then, seems to be whistling a catchy tune that goes something like "La-di-da...I will get there when the time is right...10 and 2 now, 10 and 2"

---Crispy bangs and dyed black hair with yellow bleached roots along with feathered sides and massive split ends that speak to you as you pass by are not pleasant, however very abundant here.

*Generosity can come back to you ten fold.

*Selfishness will bite you harder than the sting of your attitude on others.

*God is good, and fair, and loving, and will never allow me to know his plan until it falls in my lap. Really, I think he made notes on my file.

*I love Pandora.com.

*I will always enjoy folk music.

*Butt cheeks are not meant to be seen in public. In fact, just let that include any part of the rump.

*When backing out of a parking space in Iowa, always expect someone directly behind you to begin pulling out when you have reached halfway out of your space. When this happens, lay on your horn for at least 2 seconds and laugh as you watch the person behind you jump and then curse your California license plates as if you have done something terribly wrong by being in the same parking lot on the same day as them.

I've vowed to start carrying around a notebook to start writing random thoughts, events, and tirades such as these when they happen. I don't want to forget any of these. Perhaps a voice recorder would be a better investment. Wouldn't want to forget any of the innotation in my voice and what that adds to the situation.

21 July 2009

Tick Tock

So I just realized that my little ticker that keeps track of how many more days I have until my due date says 22 today! Woo hoo! At this point I think saying 22 days sounds like less time than saying 3 weeks. I'll just start going by days now.

I realize I've been somewhat vague about my pregnancy now that a lot of the issues I was experiencing have passed. Since moving to Iowa I have no more hives and no longer have to take Singulair and Zyrtec every day. I don't itch any more. Obviously there was something in my environment in California that was causing these reactions. My C-Reactive Protein levels were normal last time they were checked (again, days before leaving California) and I no longer feel the fatigue I did before. Don't get me wrong, I'm exhausted, but its not debilitating like it used to be.

I'm more at peace here in Iowa, less stress for sure, and I'm positive that has a lot to do with my improvement. Gunnar, upon his last ultrasound a week ago, is head down and measures two weeks longer (not bigger in weight) than gestation. He's going to have long chicken legs like Daddy, apparently. He was average in weight, but I'm still expecting at least an 8 1/2 pounder.

The ultrasound tech printed us a picture of his squishy face last week. Its a view kind of looking at and upwards to his face, so we can't see his eyes, but can see his chin, squishy lips and nose. He seems to look a lot like Mattea. I hope he gets Daddy's white blonde hair that he also had as a baby. His feet look pretty big, too and as far as I've counted, all toes and fingers are where they are supposed to be. In the past few days he's found his favorite "nook" to tuck his feet in to, which happens to be my ribs. At times it feels as if there is so much pressure in that one spot under my ribs that they might crack, but it normally goes away if I lie down and "help" him find a new position to hang out in.

I've gained way more weight than I wanted to, but really knew I would anyway. My ankles have started to swell just the tiniest bit, but if you didn't know me it wouldn't be obvious. I only know because my ankles are normally very bony and the inside ankle bone is not protruding as much now. My hair is finally growing out, which makes me happy, but I will not feel the least bit attractive again until I have this baby and start to "deflate" a little.

I continue to pray that Gunnar will be born in good health and that all the scares, medicines, stress, etc. that happened for the first 7 months will have not negatively affected him. Your prayers are appreciated, too.


I'm so happy that I've been able to see my son experience so much growth this summer. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Last night, my Dad surprised my mom with a helicopter ride over downtown Des Moines and back to the air strip in Ankeny. They had room in the chopper for one more person so Tater hopped on and went on the ride. Right before the pilot came out, who by the way looked like a super skinny and tall version of Keith Urban at the age of 21, I was showing Tate a brochure about becoming a cadet in the Civil Air Defense, which can transition into the Air Force if desired. He could start when he turns 12. He wasn't too impressed with it until after the flight. I said "Now do you want to be a cadet?" and he said in his too cool voice "Yeah, maybe", but I could tell he was pumped.

He's also been doing jobs for my Dad around the farm, earning anywhere from $2-5 per job. He's been able to put money away for tithing and also his mission, but has also ended up with plenty of spending money. Last night, at the Machine Shed eating for my Mom's birthday dinner, he said he needed to use the restroom. When he came back he had used his own money to buy my mom a second birthday card because, he said, he didn't get to pick the first one out by himself, other people helped. It was a cute little card and he was so proud of himself. He's always wanting to spend his money on other people and actually has a very good sense of saving and budgeting. I'd like to think I have a lot to do with that HAHA

He's grown at least an inch, if not much more, since I arrived at the beginning of June. His shoulders are getting so broad and he talks and thinks more like a teenager instead of an innocent little kid. I think he'll be fortunate enough to get through his 11-13 year old years without hitting the "ugly" phase. You know what I'm talking about, when a kid gets too tall for his skin, face covered in pimples, and everyone starts saying "Don't worry, he's going to be one handsome fella when he gets through this "awkward" stage". I really don't think Tate is going to have to deal with that. Yesterday he put cologne on before we went to the restaurant and he squirted it 4 or 5 times and I said "Woah Tater, don't overdo it". He then reminded me that putting that much on is how to get the girls' attention.

Now that he's been going to church again every week, he's really opening up about his testimony and has been great about gathering us all together every night for family prayers before bed. He almost always insists on saying it, and has enjoyed his Sunday School class teacher and activities lately. He's working through his Faith in God book getting ready to turn 12 and graduate Primary. He'll be receiving his first level of Priesthood, Aaronic, and attending Preisthood meetings with all the other boys and men over the age of 12. He's very excited to reach this goal and get away from the little kids. Mike is doing a great job teaching him about the history of the church and his responsibilities and priviledges as a Priesthood holder and Deacon.

I'm just thrilled that he is such a wonderful big brother and son. He's on pins and needles waiting for Gunnar to be born (as are we all) and is looking forward to holding him for the first time and seeing if he "smiles" at him like he claims Mattea did.

14 July 2009

Sit Still Already

So my hubby has been in Iowa for a week. In that week, he hasn't sat still for more than a minute at a time. He's put in over 20 applications, gone to the VA to turn in paperwork, had his initial physical and tests done, and met with the DAV as well...all in 5 days. He's also mowed the entire farm, managed a few games of football with Tater, as well as helped me set up the baby's area in our room.

This is such a confusing, scary, exciting, unpredictible time in his life, and he's so focused and willing to sacrifice what he could be using as a big vacation to immediately set in to start the next chapter in his life. He's getting registered to start full-time college classes in Sept on top of getting ready to become a new daddy again and hopefully start working full-time soon. He's determined to run on his knee again and get the type of job he always hoped to have on the civilian side. Already having to turn down the State Troopers and another private security company was hard for him. It was hard for me to see him have to do that. He can handle short runs of maybe half a football field at a time without his knee hurting and he's willing to look at that as progress as opposed to a disappointment.

I'm so proud of him right now. While this is hard for me to adjust to as well, it makes it all worth it to see the kids so happy having him here and me knowing that he's finally going to be able to complete his college and grad level education and realize his full potential. The Lord is good and will provide what we need. I take comfort in those promises!

02 July 2009

Oooo...pregnancy brain

Just a few glimpses of decision I have made during pregnancy that I should NOT have been allowed to make. I think my grey matter turns clear when I'm pregnant.

*Put prego capris on backwards...almost leave the house this way

*Get Dad a dog for Father's Day (as a surprise) and now end up inheriting that dog because he won't stay out of the highway (he's on a farm). This dog will make 3 for us....ugh....I can't bring myself to return him to the rescue league, even though that is what is in the adoption contract if it doesn't work out.

*Purchasing three different kiddie pools since arriving in the midwest. All inflatable...all from Wal-Mart...all but one are now in the trash because they deflated within 24 hours.

*Attempting to cook delicious meals for my parents as a way to thank them for allowing a family of four, soon to be five, move into their home for a minimum of three to four months. Not one has turned out the way it should have, nor has it tasted anything like its description.

*Cooking a strawberry rhubarb pie in my parents oven...without a cookie sheet underneath...with half the amount of corn starch necessary = taking pie out of oven and watching a tidalwave of "juice" spill out of my neat-o patchwork design top crust into the bottom of the oven.

*Eating lots of Taco Bell value meals in my early pregnancy because this is my last one and who cares, right? Who cares that I was halfway to a half-marathon before I got prego? The stretch marks on my thighs and the size XL shirts that are becoming snug say otherwise. Weight Watchers and bowflex...here I come. Give me about 6 weeks.

*Paying bills....enough said. Which is why my husband now does it until the color comes back to the "matter".

If I had any significant short or long term memory at all right now I could make this list last for a good twenty minutes of reading time. However the other day I couldn't even remember to put on a bra, let alone remember any details of my life beyond the past three hours. Oh...I need to get un-prego!!! Doc appt today, maybe they're off on my due date by 5 weeks.... ha.........ha.