25 October 2010

I will if you will

I get an email from my sister Denise yesterday. I especially liked the subject line "Blaaaahhhhhh-g". She simply told me if I promised to blog more, so would she. Its a deal.

I am not going to make an enormous entry about all of the different types of poopy diapers Gunnar has had, all of the arguments and make-up hugs that have taken place with Tate, or the number of times Mattea has been frightened by something. My annoyance level doesn't go high enough to tolerate an entry that long.

However...here is today's news. I will diet if you will diet. I will fold if you will put away. I will shower today if you will be quiet and play in your room for 5 minutes. I will keep you as a pet if you will stop trying to eat at the table with the humans. You can use your imagination to basically fill in the details.

Denise...your turn.