30 August 2013

2nd semester of nursing school. Let me clarify this is the 2nd out of 5.Long. Semesters.

Picture a class of 59....oh wait, we already lost some...about 56 kiddos mostly under the age of 23 neatly decked out in their "uniforms", giddy with excitement to finally be able to stick needles in people and slide tubes in...well....orifices, and you'll have a clear picture of what my first week was like.

It was good to see everyone again, and the awkwardness of the first day wore off quickly. You know, the awkwardness like "hey! how was your summer?" "good, how was yours?" "it was awesome!" "ya...so you ready for this?" "oh ya, totally!"....granted this is all said in our best beginning of the semester super-cheer voices while all the while we're really thinking "crap...what's her name...what's her name...what's her name...dang I can't think of it!".

Side note: I dyed my hair the night before school started. Cinnaberry. Way more berry than cinna. I'd like to thank those that have complimented me with frozen smiles speaking through their teeth saying "it looks good!" or my favorite "it looks natural!" .... I know what you're really thinking (wink wink)....because I'm thinking the same thing.

Another side note: Queenie informed Big Gunns today that this is how life goes: first you go to high school...then college...then you get a dog. Duh.

Last side note: when you ask your pedicurist (is that a word?) to paint the number "13.1" on your big toes on top of a lovely deep plum color in preparation for your half marathon the following weekend and she blushes and says "you want me try?".... read through the lines and realize what she's trying to say is she has never done numbers...just fancy flowers... she gets an "A" for effort....I get to be the very first set of numbers she's ever painted on anyone's toenails. Win-win.