26 February 2008

Uh....are you serious?

Uh...did anyone know there was such a thing as a quadrillion miles? Apparently that is how far away the north star, or "Polaris", is from earth. Did anyone know that NASA is wasting who knows how much money to send a Beatles song to Polaris....? With love from Paul McCartney, of course.

21 February 2008

So I'm doing Weight Watchers again. Last time I did it I lost almost 20 pounds and became a jogging freak. This time .... not so much. I miss running and the adrenaline high I got from it but I swear this last pregnancy did a number on me! I can run a mile and then I feel like I might explode...or implode...either way its not a high, its a total kill the motivation downer. I'm also only losing like a millionth of a pound a week instead of 1-2 pounds per week like last time. What?? I have weight to shed, this cannot be denied. I have minutes that I am 100 % motivated and minutes that I almost become "ok" with my current weight and size and just want to give up. But I'm telling you...the day my thighs don't touch when I walk and the morning I go back to jogging 3 miles for a work out is the time I hit a high note that I haven't sung in a while. I can't wait for that so I stare at my refrigerator...wishing it were filled with sugary goodness and dream of XL pizzas topped with every type of meat and extra cheese and have imaginary love affairs with giant whoppers and large size fries....and then I pull out the celery sticks (because I ALWAYS use up my freaking points too early in the day!) and pretend I'm a rabbit and love munching on vegitation, I drink 32 ounces of water to fill in the gaps and hope the next morning when I step on the scale my torture has paid off and another millionth of a pound has come off. Losing weight makes me a bitter woman....but when I wake up one morning and all of a sudden rediscover the fit and trim sexy woman my husband fell in love with and I miss to pieces it all be worth it.

20 February 2008

It is so unbelievably cold here today. I don't think the temperature itself even managed to hit 20 and with the wind chill (a la Kansas) it felt like my skin was actually being burned when it was exposed. I went to the gym this morning (my three day a week habit) and everything seemed to move in slow motion. On the way there all of the cars that I happened to drive behind were crawling....snails and turtles and freaking earthworms could've lapped these people. At the gym I swear time stood still and I barely managed to make it through my work-out routine. Both Miranda and my work out machines simultaneously came to a dead and very abrupt stop while we were sweating away...perhaps our wishing the machines would break so we wouldn't have to keep torturing ourselves feeling the "burn" actually caused them to shut down...but not really. They had them back online before we left. And, I might add, I about knocked myself out when I was thrown into the front of the machine because my body kept going forward after the tread stopped. On the way home more of the anti-speed drivers found their way in front of me. I got home and Mattea was starving so she slurped down some green beans and we headed upstairs to bed. After downing her bottle we both crashed for a little over two hours. When I woke up I felt so much better, but now as the evening sets in I'm fighting the urge to pass out on the sofa. I feel so bad for husband, out in these temps in the field playing war. At least he's in the TOC (pronounced "talk" for all you "civs" reading this) where all of the massive computer equipment puts off a little heat. Perhaps he can cuddle up next to one of the towers and defrost his fingers every once in a while.

Mike was hunted down by the recruiter because he was a year into his enlistment contract and technically, or legally or whatever, could reenlist again. So we decided to do it (the bonus is looking mighty nice right now) and locked ourselves in for at least another 8 years...two left of his current three plus six more once that is done with. We also locked in Cali as our next stop in the ever so fun to play in real life Life game. I'm happy with that...but it will definitely take some getting used to the near Death Valley temps, tarantulas, scorpions, rattle snakes, permanent sunburns, cotton mouth and bloody noses from dry air. Ah....but the housing...very nice....and only a couple of hours opposite ways from L.A./Disneyland and Vegas. Now I'm not a gambler, but who hasn't dreamed of seeing Celine Dion play live, eh? right?