13 December 2013

I didn't study for finals today. Not at all, actually. And the strange thing is, I'm not in a panic about that. I am, however, mentally and physically drained. Fumes. Adrenaline is keeping me running. Literally, too...I have a fun Show Shuffle 5k in the morning with a couple friends of mine. Totally laid back, no timing, and we are wearing costumes. Here's to hoping the wind chill is above zero :)

My kiddos, all 4 of them, since we are fortunate now to have found Shane and are happily getting acquainted and loving every minute of it, are all looking forward to Christmas. I'm finally done shopping, except Tate, who in his typical fashion, has requested Santa take him shopping as opposed to surprising him the old fashioned way. He suffers from 16-itis. We go along with it. Honestly, the least favorite part for me is next...wrapping gifts. Why? Because my 2-year old neighbor could do a better job than me. And it takes a long time! I should switch to gift bags, but seriously....who ever said they had fond memories of opening gift bags on Christmas morn? "said nobody ever". Exactly.

12 December 2013

When you reach awkward ruts in your life with some, thankfully the Lord makes passable a path that might've been challenging before but is now traveled smoothly with others with brand new scenery, experiences, and joys. Wax and wane...seasons change...some things return...others fade away as an appreciated memory.