27 January 2009

Babel...or Babble

So my sister made a post once that listed the cute words her daughter Maddy says with a complimentary translation for each one. All so she wouldn't forget the babble that was Maddy's language at that age. The way toddlers can move their tongues, lips and vocal chords to make what they think are complete sentences makes me giggle and fascinates me at the same time. I decided to make my own list for what my daughter Mattea speaks. I call her languague "blugga blugga". Her favorite, yet to be translated, phrase.

"won dow" - I want down

"won dow" - I want up (multi-use phrases....she's a genius)

"sgo" - Let's go

"doddy" - Dog (or really any other animal or object that resembles an animal)

"oh" - No!

"diss" - This...or anything she points at she doesn't feel like speaking adult for

"blugga blugga" - Usually spoken randomly, we have no idea what this one means but she's been saying it since before she turned a year old

"bye eye" - Goodbye

"teh" - Thank You

"moah" - More

"fiss" - Goldfish...the snack, not the actual fish

"whu daaaaaa" - What's that

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