11 January 2010

Picking up the Pieces

So, I get annoyed talking about New Year's Eve resolutions. I think its mostly a waste of time to make them. Why should we wait until the beginning of a calendar year to set a few goals for ourselves, knowing in the back of our minds we don't really plan to put more than 87% effort into them and only for a few weeks? I am all about goal setting and improving myself in all aspects, however making a big event out of it just sets me up for failure.

I have God-given talents that are going to waste and I have decided its time to come out of my funk and embrace them. Where is my full-sized keyboard Husband got me for Christmas back in 2006? Why don't I write more often when I know I have the potential to rock at it? I am actually a good cook but deny it outloud so when I fail its "ok". I really do LOVE physical fitness and eating healthy so I should just stop using other people and things as excuses and just DO IT for fudges sake! I want to go to medical school, darn it! I'm going to do it if it takes me 15 years to complete! I like not wearing makeup as long as my eyebrows and upper lip are freshly shaped and waxed so geez, I'm going to stop investing in the newest mascara or foundation and just be who I want to be already!

Ew...I hate have a sluggish time in my life. Time to perk up and just move on. Leave the cute little white and green pills behind, accept that 6 hours of sleep per night could possibly be a permanent thing, find ways to cope and love and live like I don't have a tomorrow.


The Reay Family said...

I am with you except that I dont have any known talent! Every year my goal is to "discover" those talents, but once again, i have no idea what I am good at. Talking I guess:)

Denise said...

I have to say that I am glad you recognize all your talents and abilities! Love you!