12 March 2010

He's such a boy...she's such a girl...

Mattea...such a girlie girl. I always say I'm not sure where she came from. Of course I know...it was the land of sensitive fairy queens...where feelings are hurt at the slightest off movement or tone of voice...where headbands are crowns and baby dolls get breastfed...where there are always birds tweeting and clouds floating by and grass to see. My Queenie...I love her to pieces.

Gunnar is such a boy. Always moving, squirming to see what is going on around him. His new "talent" is growling. In fact, I'm not sure he went a whole three minutes today WITHOUT growling. He is such a great note to end on. He and Mattea have finally been interacting as brother and sister instead of random baby and toddler. By saying that, I mean fighting over toys, feeding off of each other's cries and whines, and laughing at each other.

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Josh and Jill said...

Renee your kids are so cute!! It's so fun to see your baby!