18 July 2008

I want to....

I purposely left off the "before I die" part of the title for this post because that gives me the excuse that I have a lot of time to get these things done...meaning I won't start them until its too late. I'll be adding to the list and updating it as I cross things off. They always say if you write down your goals you'll be more likely to accomplish them. Let's see if I can prove that to be true.

*refinish furniture
*decorate my home...I mean actually decorate it, not just get some pretty things to hang on the wall
*write a book
*write a song
*lose 20 pounds
*breathe out of both sides of my nose (seriously)
*bench press my own weight (better lose more than 20 pounds)
*be debt free
*own land
*own land with a willow tree and a pond
*find a hairstyle that suits me
*volunteer with the Red Cross in another country
*go rock climbing
*learn not to judge as often
*read the Bible
*have family home evening EVERY WEEK

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