03 March 2009

Too many things!

I've way too many things to update about Mattea. She is doing so many things now that I haven't typed about. Her vocabulary has increased, and become much more clear, thank goodness. I put a list of her fav things to say below. Today she got her first tricycle. She loves it! She got a little bike helmet to wear, with weird looking pandas on it (only one her size), which she's not so hot on. She hasn't quite figured out the pedals yet, but loves to be pushed around. She did have her first accident already. In trying to dismount she and the trike fell forward. This brought on nap time (woo hoo!). Had to buy a new blender today. So in the spirit of amazing crushed ice, perfectly minced onions, and delicioso smoothies, I splurged and spent way too much on it. But! I'm excited to use it and will be starting out by making peanut butter cup shakes tonight! Yesterday...the big purchase was a toaster. Seems all of our appliances are finally giving out. They are, after all, over 10 years old.

My last OB appointment went well. No ultrasound, but the heartbeat sounded great. It was in the 140's, which if you're superstitious, means probably a boy due to being on the slower end of the range. Mattea's heartbeat was always in the high 150's and low 160's. I have an ultrasound scheduled for March 16th. I'll be 18 weeks, 5 days, so hopefully far enough along to tell what the baby is! The doctor will be able to take a closer look at baby and placenta and get a better idea of whether everything is where it should be.

So here are Mattea's words...

"elbow" = Elmo (her hero)

"s'go" = let's go

"kacker" = cracker

"ishies" = fishies and goldfish crackers

Mattea is also starting potty training. She has a potty chair which she goes in nearly every time we put her on it. Today she got a "potty topper" as I call it, covered in, what else, sesame street characters. You know, the seat you put on top of the "big" potty seat so they're little bums don't sink into the potty? She loves it. Too much, in fact. She's too preoccupied with talking to the characters to focus on potty time. Ah well...we're on the right track I guess.


Suzie Bean said...

I love it when little kids talk to the characters on things like potty seats! We have a winnie the pooh potty seat and it "flushes"and talks, Sarah thinks it is Christopher Robin talking to her and will talk back to him!:)
Good luck with the ultrasound, those are always so fun to see I wish they could do them every dr. appt.

Kelly said...

Elmo is the big hero around here too! He was at Sea World this weekend and we got a picture with him.. he's a lot bigger than on TV ;)

Can't wait to find out what you are having!