18 September 2011

Before I forget...

I absolutely MUST do a typical "mommy blog" post...before I forget. Before I forget everything my kids are doing right now in their respective stages of development. I'd like to think 10 years from now (or even 10 months from now) I would be able to pluck out the memory of what my youngest did at age 2 that was really cute (or really naughty!) or what my newly preschooled 4 year-old does that just makes me melt (or cringe) and especially what my nearly 14 year-old does that gives me goosebumps of pride (or jaw-clench of ire). So, in order to be in order, I will write it in an orderly order. Tate - Tate is turning 14 in two short months. Each time I say that its like a test run for my tear ducts. My BABY is going to be 14. He is living with his Dad this school year and if all goes well, he will most likely stay. Albeit agonizing for me, after a lot of time on my knees, I know he will be ok and that I made the right decision by allowing him to go. Man, do I ever miss his smile, jokes, laughter, hugs, and big-brotherly help/play with the smallish ones. He is focused mainly on basketball and girls right now. I'm ok with the first-mentioned, however I get a kick out of hearing the latest on how many girls text him and love daydreaming with him about his future wife and their future family. Tate will make an amazing husband and father, this I know without a doubt. So far in 8th grade he is doing well in all his subjects. He has officially passed me up in height, hand, and foot size! Tate has a strong spirit, although he may not realize it, and I have known since he was just little that he would bring happiness and the love of God (and that peaceful spirit) to any who are around him. He is a natural leader and kids of all ages seem to flock to him wherever he goes. Such a smart and talented young man he has turned in to! He loves to play Xbox 360, Call of Duty is his favorite, shoot hoops, skateboard, and listen to music. He is always turning things up after I turn them down, pointing out my out-of-date slang, and keeping me posted on what the best new Jordan's out are (and how badly he needs them, of course!) Mattea - "The Queen" lives up to her nickname each and every day. Mattea turned 4 at the end of July and started preschool a couple of weeks ago. This preschool is unique in that it is on a farm and as part of the school day the kids feed and pet chickens, rabbits, a goat, and a horse...oh, and I think a couple of cats, too. Her vocabulary has exploded and her "bad deed" radar is working overtime. This translates into tattletail alerts every few minutes regarding her brother and, frankly, anyone around her that does something she knows is against some set of rules posted somewhere. She loves to swing on Chewy, her new tire-horse swing, is very artistic, loves to eat yogurt and any sort of vegetable you give her, but refuses meat and most cheeses. Her dolls and books are most precious to her out of all available toys, and as long as she is helping (favorites being cooking, cleaning, sewing, crafting) she is happy. Queenie is and always will be a highly emotional and sensitive creature. I sometimes wonder how she is my daughter, but I am learning so much from her. She loves to rub noses, giggle, be tickled until she can't breathe, and still has her famous laugh that sounds more like a struggle to cough or breathe. Mattea loves to pray and has such a sweet spirit. Mattea loves to word play, rhyme and sing. She still enjoys pretending to be a baby after her baths (all wrapped up in a towel) and is still a snuggler. Gunnar - Oh big Gunns...if he really is my last child, then going out with a bang fits like a glove. Gunnar turned 2 in August and takes the world (and his parents) by storm each and every day. He has a pacifier and popsicle obsession that may last until age 25. His sense of humor is oddly quite advance and hilarious for just being 2 years old. He will do anything to get attention and make people laugh, such as rolling his eyes, walking around with slumped shoulders and his "i'm annoyed" face just long enough for someone to notice and then start laughing, or rubbing noses (just like Mattea) instead of giving kisses. He is all boy. Loves dirt, grime, doesn't mind sticky hands and face, will play with just about any kid that comes near him on the playground, and dares to defy ANY direction or instruction given him by any adult. Gunns is praying now (with help from us) but his little voice and blurggled speech sound so sweet and innocent. He is so much fun and keeps us up and going and on our toes literally every waking minute! Gunns is a bit obsessed with riding the "wee wo" (four wheeler) at Grandma and Grandpa Murrow's house, and is OCD when it comes to having his hands held when he's tired. He has entered, full speed, the hitting and yelling phase of age 2. We are patiently (or impatiently...ok impatiently) waiting for this to pass. However, he is quick to apologize if he knows he hurt someone and always says please and "sank ooo". Pronouncing his "L's" is quite hilarious as he sticks his tongue out and repeats the "L" sound several times before finishing the word. Example : Balololololooon. Just starting potty training too, however he insists on sitting and refuses to aim! Makes for a messy clean-up each time. As of now, I'm just glad he's trying.


The Reay Family said...

I can feel the love you have for them as you describe each of their talents and gifts. They are so precious and every day we have them is a happy day. Heavenly Father has been so kind to allow us this experience of being a parent while learning to be daughters and sons ourselves.

Anonymous said...

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