30 May 2012

I made an old person cry.

So wow, I haven't posted since November? That's a long time. Well, I mean, when you're climbing Everest, the internet connection is kind of weak so....

Yeah right. Truth be told I went through a "lazy blogger" spell.  Actually I've had my nose in a book. Really, there are smudges on the pages where my nose brushed them as I attempted to photographically memorize all of my school books for the past two semesters. Seems to have paid off as I now have 2 years of college edumacation under my belt (or nose) and have maintained my 4.0. Yep. I just bragged.

I'm now fighting the good (no...really bad) fight with a college I attended 7 years ago when I got my EMT-B certification. Seriously, no exaggeration. I just fought with the receptionist. She was old. She may have cried a little when our interaction came to an end. I know! Who makes old people cry?! I do, apparently.

You see, I'm a bit on edge. Really when you think about that saying, it implies the end is near, and at your own doing, and I'll be honest I don't plan on ending anything...just words, just words. What I am planning on doing is marching into the office of "Missy". You see (is there an echo in here?), a mysterious man followed me into the old lady's domain at the college, observed my entire interaction (a.k.a. verbal assault by me on an elderly part-time temp), quietly left, came back 5 minutes later, and in a very secret spy kind of way whispered to me that if I hadn't been helped to go see "Missy". OK, will do...mysterious office dude. He then left, again.

I am so determined to get accepted to start this coming spring semester in the BSN program that I was willing to make someone's Granny cry, attracted a mysterious office dude, drank out of a water cooler that I know was not "open to the public", and voluntarily wasted gallon upon gallon of gas chasing down this piece of paper that my future rests on. Now...if they defer me until next August AFTER ALL OF MY REQUIRED PAPERWORK has been turned in, that is one thing. An acceptable thing. But if I get deferred to next August because of 5...yes 5 employees that couldn't handle a single transcript request....I'm going to.....eat it. Yep. Take it for what it is. I may grind my teeth down to stubs and pass out from a drastic increase in blood pressure, but I will bite my tongue and sit on my hiney until next Fall.

Oh please please pleeeeeeeeeeease find my transcripts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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