16 January 2013

Its the middle of my first week of nursing school. I'm glad to finally be in an environment that is conducive to my learning style, to be among like-minded individuals, and to be learning what I WANT to learn.

The first couple days left me (and all 57 of the other students in my class) sort of dazed...a classic "huh?" look stuck on our faces. I felt a bit of panic creeping in, a bit of doubt, maybe. So I came home after a very long day of classes Tuesday with my friends Migraine and Back Ache, assassinated my friends with 4 ibuprofen and some taco salad (thanks husband!), danced with my children, went for a run, and ended my night with a sweet blessing from hubby and a the perfect combo of freezing cold air and warm blankets in the bedroom. Even my pillow stayed cold for what seemed an extra long time.

In other words, I feel extremely blessed. I spent a good "couple three" hours organizing the information assault from the first 3 days, got a few assignments completed, read some text, and counted my blessings in the back of my mind all along the way.

I also purchased my first lab coat, scrubs, "good stethescope" (because a half-useful steth from my EMT training just wouldn't cut it), and ordered some other required goodies for further into the shemester. And might I just add, I think I look pretty darn good in a lab coat. Excuse my use of cheese here, but seeing myself in the mirror with that on gave me goose-pimples (because saying goose pimples is more awesome than boring ol' goose bumps).

I am meant for this profession.

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