19 April 2015

The Spirit and the little brother

My Queenie came to me today with an enormous grin..."Mommy, guess what? I felt the Holy Spirit today!". She was beaming. She tells me she was on her way to her Sunday school class and didn't want to go...was about to turn around and go back when the Holy Spirit "just got a hold of me" and she became happy. She exclaimed that now she knows "its all real". Oh my Queenie...my heart was pounding and I couldn't stop smiling as I shared the moment with her.

Gunnar, however, could not be outdone..."Mama, I felt the Spirit too! More than her! He was soft...so super soft, like the couch!" (running his hand on the sofa). Oh Big Gunns...I'm so glad he was there to hear his sister's testimony of her love for God and the Spirit of happiness and comfort.

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stampin' diva said...

thank you for sharing that sweet story!! <3