12 June 2008

Cool...but the Wolf

So we said goodbye to Tate this morning. He left with Grandma Currie and Uncle Adam for the Las Vegas airport to fly home to Iowa for most of the summer. He's been talking excitedly for weeks about this. If you've heard Tate talk excitedly, you know he can sometimes cover 10 subjects in one sentence...so its been an earful!

He got a blessing last night to help him through the summer. Dad's house is a bit of a different environment from ours. He grudgingly gave me a few hugs this morning (he would've forgotten had I not said anything), gave his sister a LOT of hugs and kisses, and gave his dog Prancer a lecture about behaving and being a good girl while he was gone.

As he walked out the front door, he had his suitcase, his carry-on bag, his oh-so-cool shades on...and a stuffed wolf. It was like he was caught in two worlds. The world of a "tween" that is not interested in snuggling with mom or holding hands anymore and the world of a still very innocent ten year old boy that quietly still hangs on to his "little boyhood".

As the car drove away and we went inside, Prancer was FRANTIC! She jumped up on the sofa and looked out the front window trying to see where her Tate was driving off to without her. She paced back and forth on the sofa, kept checking the window and couldn't be consoled. She knew Tater was leaving and freaked out! It was cute but sad at the same time.

So we'll have a very quiet house for several weeks. I'll miss my baby!

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