18 August 2009

D-Day, part 2

So, its D-Day, part 2. We report to the hospital at 7:30 tonight to start Cervidil. Apparently each dose of this fake prostaglandin takes 12 hours which is why we go in tonight. Noone that has gone through having Cervidil has anything positive to say about it. In fact, I've been told the following: "you'll sit on the toilet for the majority of your waiting time" (a.k.a. diahrrea, cramps), "good luck, that stuff did nothing for me", "don't let them do that to you! it makes your labor awful!". Why can't people just lie to me and tell me that its no big deal? That's why I love my friends and family. They know I appreciate brutal honesty, I guess.

At my appointment yesterday, the doctor said I was dilated to 2 and 30% effaced. So a little bit of progress was made with my almost 48 hours of contractions that were anywhere from 5-10 minutes apart all weekend. Doc walked in and said "Alright, so what's going on? This is your third baby, what's taking your body so long?". Luckily, I think he's the nicest doctor in that office and he has a funny sounding laugh so I didn't flip out on him for making one of the 10 dumbest comments to make to an overdue pregnant woman. He had me do a quick ultrasound to check my fluid levels and make sure Gunnar had enough left in the "pool" to swim in for another day and a half. During the ultrasound he balled up on one side of me in a curve around the right side of my tummy. Kind of looked like the side of a mountain range sloping to the left side of me. Ultrasound Lady said "Oh look, he's all curled up around this side with his little bum poking out up here at the top". I then said "Yeah, he seems like he's going to be a big boy!" mostly expecting her to disagree with me or at least be vocal about the possibility that he just "appears" big, but she wholeheartedly agreed with me. Eek! And she would know! Anyway, fluid levels were fine and the NST we did afterwards was fine as well.

So, my day is already dragging along nicely as I anticipate the special events of the evening. Husband took Tate to get a library card (Tater is ecstatic about this!) and a hair cut, and then we are all headed to the brand spanking new Bass Pro Shop in Altoona to eat lunch at their restaurant (woo hoo). Husband called from inside the store yesterday and said "Honey....its beautiful...". So I'm being a good sport and tagging along to get myself out of the house for a while and my mind off the "work" I have ahead of me over the next 48 hours or so.

I think this pregnancy has been so stressful, unexplainable at times, and difficult that I have detached myself quite well from any positive emotions about it and our son. Today however I am an emotional mess and can't wait to finally hold my little boy. I endured through the sickness, mystery, and stress and can finally see past it all to the miracle we'll be experiencing in the next day. I'm so thankful that we are having a boy, and my husband can hold his son in his arms knowing the Lord found him worthy to raise His child here on Earth. I pray that he's healthy and strong. My 2 year-old has been asking for Gunnar for two days now and my 12 year-old is constantly asking me "Is Gunny coming now? Is it time to go?". I love that my children are so eager to welcome him and I'm thankful we've been sealed for Eternity so that no matter what happens here on Earth, as long as we all strive to live the Gospel and stay close to the Lord we will always have each other as a family unit, beyond death and beyond any struggles and pain we experience here.

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Suzie Bean said...

I had the cervadil thing with my last 2 and the only thing that was horrible was that I had to stay in an uncomfortable bed and it didn't soften me it dilalated me so then they just gave me petocin.

GOOD LUCK!, I hope you have held your baby in your arms by now!