11 May 2010

Can I just say...?

Can I just say how inordinately lively this day has been? Thank you...I will. I will even illustrate. Hold on to your Special K bars, this will look and read like throwing up sounds.
First, I take out my frying pan from its usual nook in the oven drawer and I realize how truly scummy that drawer is. Peer closer...you can see the outline of my frying pan amidst the impurities. Behold...the after shot (enter heavenly choir).

Following this, I was bitten by the preparedness bug which set in motion what I like to call PMAT (preparing meals ahead of time). I rarely PMAT. Today I resolved to PMAT regularly instead.

The aroma in my kitchen was strange being that it was before 0900 and I was already tasting fajitas and roasted chicken thighs. I drooled a little.

Why a picture of bleach? Because when you inherit a colossal pet carrier from your parents, which was formerly used as a farm-cat house, and you choose to put your animal in it before cleaning it up first, you will beyond any doubt end up with your animal puking liquid farm-cat poo it licked off the carrier, not to mention stinking something awful. Here is Hugo after his bath. Might I add the fact that Great Value scents its bleach like lavender does in no way mean you should envision my house smelling like fields of blossoms.

This post in its entirety unfolded alongside a late morning appointment, a trip to Wal-Mart, and home for lunch. What I'm trying to say, really, is that it is only 1530 and I am ready to clock OUT! Lord please get me to bedtime with my hair in its roots and my paper towel roll with at least 3 sheets left on it.

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Denise said...

WOW! That was gross!