10 May 2010

What are you Worth?

Oh please...now this caught my attention and made me feel like a mixed bag of emotions. Like a Wal-Mart plastic shopping bag that, of course, has holes in it type of bag. Supposedly you can go here and cry over what your salary should be as a stay-at-home mom.

I guess I'm supposed to be worth approximately $117,000.00 per year. This did NOT fulfill some empty space a therapist would tell me I need to fill in order to convince myself what I do is just as important as the female lawyer next door. In reality it felt somewhat degrading because this is an enormous calculatory error on the part of the 19 year-old techie who came up with the formula. And really? You want me to click on that link so I can print out a check and hang it on my fridge next to my toddler's scribbling of the dog's pile of poo? As if that is going to wondrously change my outlook on life. It certainly won't help me get up any earlier, fold the laundry any faster, wipe a bum any better, or make my lunch for me, now will it?

YOU are the only one that can determine and recognize your worth. What we do as MAH's (moms at home) can't be calculated by Tommy (I thought that sounded like a computer geek's name). In fact, our worth is already figured. Its spelled out in any Gospel doctrine you choose to research (within the standard works, anyway). We are DAUGHTERS OF DEITY! Not a dollar figure on an awful shade of blue printed check hanging on the fridge. Who cares about all of that, anyway. It never made a mom feel any more appreciated knowing what she "could" be making if staying home and raising kids were a "real" job.

Give me a sticky hand rubbing my cheek or a slimey kiss from a baby. Those are my rewards and I'm glad to have the rubbery dried snot on my shoulder instead of a big paycheck to show that I love my "job" and that it is truly meritorious.

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